Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Learning through example

As a new teacher, I'm in dire need of examples on how to conduct/carry out my lesson. I have to find ways to make things sounds less complicated for my students. Physics are complicated if u add in too much details... so, I constantly worry about making it sound simple and comprehensible. And, I think now, my prayers have been answered.

At first, my objective in using youtube, teachertube.. is to find any demonstration/simulation/experiment videos (ABM kinda thing la). I never thought back then that I should utilised the search engine for a teaching guide as well. Hmm.. I've wasted 8 months for the right videos. Rugi betul. Takpelah... I'll make do with the old sayings.. better late than never, eh? Btw, this teacher guy here is so cool! ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photoshop part 1 - Select Tool

Upon request... now I'm going to present to you... Photoshop Tutorial!! hahaha.. poyo je rasanya, macam pandai sangat. ;). Tak pandai pun. Tapi, basic tu bolehla. And, I would encourage my friends to learn photoshop sebab banyak sangat benefitnya kalau pandai. Contoh benefit-benefit photoshop kepada saya sepanjang mengenali photoshop.

- Menang Drypers competition twice hasil kerja kerastangan mengedit gambar. Tapi, bukanla menang Nazaria .. menang sket je. Hehe. (The above is one of the lucky entry. Yang satu lagi..dah tatau dok mana. And, mind you ... plastik drypers dibelakang Aisyah in the third pic itu sebenarnya tidak berada disitu. Ia telah diphotoshop untuk berada disitu demi memenangi hati juri..haha).

- Memudahkan kerja (there's once when I was still working with C****m, I want to reduce the height of the monopole - tiang nak letak antenna RF untuk coverage HP - . Instead of asking the draughtman to redo the technical drawing, I photoshopped it. Hehe.. and, no one notice it.). Habis tu, semua benda nak urgent kan? Kalau redo .. lambat lah.

- Tolong mengedit gambar.. byk sgt contoh ni...

Apapun.. let's get ready. Hari ni, jom kita kenali one of the basics in Photoshop, cara membuat selection.

First and foremost, we have to understand the work space in photoshop. Saya menggunakan CS2, so, kalau version lain.. mungkin beza sikit lah. Tapi, basicnya semua sama.


Gambar diatas menunjukkan basic layout workspace photoshop. Yang penting, kena ada TOOL, LAYER and HISTORY. Yang lain tu pun penting, tapi, untuk buat benda basic.. tiga ni pun dah cukup. Kalau tiga window ni tak appear dekat workspace anda, sila klik pada Window di menu bar, dan klik mana-mana pilihan yang takde tu.


Selection ada perkara paling asas dalam Photoshop. Untuk membuat selection, anda hendaklah memilih tool selection seperti gambar dibawah. Terdapat 4 jenis selection, tapi, kebiasaannya, pakailah rectangular marquee ataupun oval marquee. Anda juga boleh menggunakan Lasso Tool dan Magic Wand tool . Tetapi, kita mula dulu dengan marquee tool.


Apabila anda sudah mengenali tool selection, jom kita belajar buat selection. Mula-mula, pastikan anda pergi ke File - New - (Tukar saiz ikut kesesuaian. Boleh jadi width = 400 pixel, height = 400 pixel). Tekan OK dan ada akan dapat 'canvas' sebesar 400x400 pixel.

Now, kalau perhatikan pada Layer Window, cuma ada satu layer sahaja, iaitu background. Anda boleh bekerja diatas background, tapi, kalau ada banyak benda yang nak dibuat, baik buat atas layer lain dulu, supaya senang nak adjust mana2 yang patut. So, create new layer seperti guide dibawah.

Layer bernama background yang diLOCKED ini sebenarnya boleh di alter cuma tidak boleh didelete. Tetapi, saya suka reserve background sebab kalau tersalah 'cut', colour, etc, tak payah susah2 undo. Duplicate je layer yang ada tu lagi sekali. Dan, kalau taknak dia kelihatan di kanvas, anda boleh klik pada lambang 'mata' di sebelah layer tu. Kalau mata tu takde, maksudnya, layer tu invisible.

Jadi, menggunakan rectangular tool, anda boleh drag sebesar mana rectangular yang anda ingini. Garis putus-putus menunjukkan selection anda.

So, buatlah selection seperti diatas menggunakan rectangular marquee tool tadi.

Menambah selection seperti diatas. Anda boleh menambah selection dengan menekan butang 'shift' pada keyboard sambil membuat selection rectangular yang baru. (Perhatikan lambang ++ akan keluar semasa anda menekan shift).

Anda juga boleh mencuba menggunakan elliptical marquee. Sekiranya ingin mencuba menggunakan single row atau single column marquee, cuba lihat video disini.


Lasso tool berguna untuk membuat selection sekiranya yang hendak di'select' itu berlekuk-lekuk dan tidak mempunyai background berwarna sekata. Ada 3 jenis lasso iaitu, Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso tool dan Magnetic Lasso Tool. Bezanya, Lasso Tool -> Freehand, Polygonal -> setiap klik diwakili oleh satu garisan, menghasilkan sisi yang banyak untuk selection anda (polygon). Magnetic -> Ia melekat seperti magnet tanpa anda perlu klik. Tetapi, ianya sedikit complicated. Jadi, untuk permulaan ini, kita cuba dulu Polygonal Lasso.

Apabila anda sudah mengelilingi objek yang hendak diselect, selection anda akan diwakili oleh garisan putus-putus seperti diatas. Jadi, kalau anda hendak memiliki kanvas yang hanya mempunyai objek tersebut, cara paling mudah ialah dengan menekan CTRL + C (atau Edit -> Copy), seterusnya CTRL + N (atau File -> New), dan akhir sekali CTRL +V (atau Edit -> Paste).

Tadaa!!! Inilah hasilnya. ;). Tidak puas hati dengan sisi yang tidak smooth? (Diatas adalah hasil kerja bermalas-malasan, maka, begitulah jadinya.) Seeloknya, banyakkan sisi yang pendek-pendek (itu bermaksud, anda perlu teliti memilih sisi mana untuk di klik, dan sisinya lebih kecil), ataupun, cuba guna Lasso Tool biasa (freehand). Ataupun, antara cara lain untuk smoothkan tepi adalah dengan menggunakan blur tool atau feather.
Letih dah. Itu jela for the time being. Kalau sempat, insyaAllah saya tambah lagi.
*Disclaimer : Ini cuma beginner's guide daripada seorang individu yang tidak mendapat pendidikan formal menggunakan photoshop. Lain la kalu jadik student FCM (Faculty of Creative Media ). Jadi, maafkanlah segala kelemahan saya. Kalau ada ada cadangan/info tambahan, sila utarakan.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Each Day Is A Gift

By Author Unknown
The 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud lady, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o'clock, with her hair fashionably coifed and makeup perfectly applied, even though she is legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. Her husband of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary.

After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby of the nursing home, she smiled sweetly when told her room was ready. As she maneuvered her walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of her tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on her window. "I love it," she stated with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old having just been presented with a new puppy. "Mrs. Jones, you haven't seen the room .... just wait." "That doesn't have anything to do with it," she replied. "Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged, it's how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. It's a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body that no longer work, or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones that do. Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open I'll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I've stored away, just for this time in my life."

She went on to explain, "Old age is like a bank account, you withdraw from what you've put in. So, my advice to you would be to deposit a lot of happiness in the bank account of memories Thank you for your part in filling my Memory bank. I am still depositing." And with a smile, she said: "Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
  1. Free your heart from hatred.
  2. Free your mind from worries.
  3. Live simply.
  4. Give more.
  5. Expect less.

/I need to work on #2. I'm becoming more and more like mother. Worrying too much. Hehe.. sorry mom.. and Happy Mother's Day in advance/

La la la

"there's a hero .. if you look inside your heart. You don't have to be afraid of what you are ..."
That's Hero by Mariah Carey, my bestest company when I was hiking Gunung Ledang back in 1999. it 1998 ? Ntahlaa. Lupa dah. No, am not going to talk about the hiking stuffs. Too old for that LOL! I'm talking about how songs influenced me, and finally, being a teacher for me to improve my English. Thanks to Serie, Eena, and Ameen who influenced me to listen to loads of English songs back then. Ahh.. I really miss you guys!

Actually, before 1996, I didn't listen to english songs at home, or in school (radios are banned, walkman is okay, but I'm not rich). The only english song that I knew when I was in school is Tonight by NKOTB. And that was because we need to practise dancing for an event in Aspuri (hahaha...lalalalalala...tonite!!). So, when I was made to listen to english radio station during my tertiary level, I always end up with serious headache. The only song that I can 'layan' at that time was Celine Dion's. I can't get a word the deejay was saying (was starting to panic that I might get hearing problem..haha). But, later ... a few months later ... I fell in love with English songs. And I do learn a lot of vocabs from them.

So, I thought that if I use songs in my English lesson, I would attract students to like the language, hence improve their proficiency in it. But, after doing so, I didn't feel the 'love' for the language from my students. However, since I've made the requirement for them to present on a song for their 'school-based oral evaluation', we'll have to proceed with it. Let's hope that some songs will turn out to be their favourites and they'll get use to listening to the songs and grab some new vocab from them.

Oh, btw, I just want to share this. I hate the idea of having to bring my laptop to class just to play the song, or finding the radio/hi-fi to do so (because I don't have one pon..;)). Hence, I browsed for portable speakers on the intenet. Lucky me (or is it because I'm being the katak dibawah tempurung...very jakun about the portable speaker thingy??), there's quite a number of choices. But, when I arrived at sony outlet in JJ, there's only one type available. And it costs more than 100 ringgit. I hate it when I don't get to choose ... well, at least, when I'm about to spend a lot of money on that thing (same price as a pair of crocs tu.. ). So, I wander to another store, and voila! There're two types of unbranded portable speakers available at one third of the original SE's speaker's price. So, tested it ... and brought one home. ;)

But, another problem arise. Students said that the volume of the song is quite slow. So, through google, I found this software , MP3GAIN (and what's interesting about it is, you can freely download it). Add another 10dB to each songs .. and, we can finally hear the song. But, bear in mind, the noise in the song is amplified as well. So, do re-check after you've add the gain. Maybe you cannot add too much to it's default value.

So, english songs anyone??

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mandi Songsang

Mandi songsang adalah satu kaedah terapi yang amat hebat dan menghasilkan kesan yang menakjubkan kepada pengamalnya. Apakah itu mandi songsang?
Lazimnya pada masa sekarang ramai orang akan mandi dengan menjiruskan air bermula pada bahagian kepala. Situasi ini sebenarnya akan memberikan impak yang buruk kepada otak seterusnya akan memberikan kesan yang buruk pada kesihatan diri.
Sistem saraf pendarahan otak akan mengecut kerana siraman air tersebut . Ini akan membuatkan sistem otak akan terjejas. Cara mandi biasa akan menyebabkan sistem pertahanan badan akan menjadi lemah. Seluruh sistem hormon dan kimiawi badan adalah diatur dan disettingkan di dalam kepala, maka cara mandi biasa lebih banyak akan memberikan impakm yang buruk kepada sistem pertahanan bandan. Jadi , apa itu mandi songsang? Mandi songsang adalah amalan membasahkan tubuh badan bermula dari kaki dan beransur-ansur membasahi bahagian atas badan kemudian diakhir dengan kepala. (kecuali mandi hadas besar di mulakan dari siraman di kepala.)

  • Mengembangkan salur darah otak- menjadikan sistem darah di bahagian otak jadi bertambah baik untuk berfungsi.
  • Menjadikan sistem pertahanan badan akan bertambah baik fungsinya seterusnya menjana sistem hormon badan dengan lebih hebat untuk tahap kesihatan yang maksimum..
  • Mengurangkan tekanan (Stress ) yang telah dihasilkan oleh otak.
  • Melancarkan perjalanan darah.Menjadikan pengamal semakin pintar
  • Meninggikan daya ingatanMengelakkan atau
  • Mengurangkan sakit kepala
  • Menjadikan state mood yang tenang dan ceria
  • Menjadikan jiwa sentiasa bersemangat
  • Memiliki daya ketahanan mental
  • Menambahkan semangat berani
  • Menguatkan gusi dan gigi
  • Dan banyak lagi yang akan diketahui apabila mula diamalkan


Got this from my email last week. This is actually my routine since last year, petua yang diturunkan from my Ayahsu (and its from my late Grandad). Ayahsu bagi tips ni sebab I've been complaining about headache. And, pernah terbaca somewhere that Rozita Che Wan also did the same untuk awet muda. Personally, this works for me. I used to have serious headache especially when I work late at night or not having enough sleep. Tapi, lepas mengamalkan mandi songsang, it rarely happens.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ira's Wedding @ Kuantan

Wawan & Nuha. One year difference, but, look at the size.. ;)

Pengantin and the kids

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very nice!

It has been a while since I last update this blog. There's a lot that I want to share, but, I'm too busy to write. Am not going to write much this time though. I just want share this link to my fellow muslim friends..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ramai guru sakit jiwa

Profesion perguruan terdedah kepada risiko tinggi untuk mengalami tekanan

Itu antara topik dalam Kosmo, Ahad 22 March 2009. Na'uzubillah. Baca disini.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPM Results - A few stories to share

I overheard a statement from yesterday's news, which said something like this “those who flopped from universities actually have good SPM results”. Well, I did see some of my friends flopped even though they were once considered “cream of the cream” by our sponsor. Reasons?? Culture shock? “Too much play makes Jim a dull boy?” Language (don’t get me started on PPSMI)?? Turns out that they dislike the course they’ve chosen??

They will give you loads of reasons if you really ask from the subject matter. But, what I want to discuss here is choosing the right course that suits you. Once upon a time, I thought I want to be a doctor. And, when I was in form four and form five, I always have better biology marks than physics or chemistry. But later on, I changed my decision. It happened during a school semester break in 1995 when we was sent to a motivational course that combined 3 SBPs – Faris, SESMA and SMACH. One of the sessions that they had in that course is …. To have us in a hospital and follow the doctor making his/her rounds. Dee, Olie and I are quite relieved when we found out that we’re going to follow the doctor in an ENT ward (Ear, Nose and Throat). We thought that they would have only simple cases in that ward. Ye laa… Ear nose and throat .. setakat sakit telinga, sakit hidung, sakit tekak .. apa la sangat kan? But, it turns out that there were also accident patients there. The first patient that the doctor visited was injured in the face because of a road accident. I can still vividly recall the swollen face, with mouth open, sunken eyes, bruises and stains of blood here and there. He looked awful and painful. Dee had already turned her face from looking at him. Even though I was thinking about doing the same, I was stubborn at the same time. I wanted to see what the doctor would do about him. The doctor wore his glove and has pressed his fingers against the patient’s tongue. The tongue was also swollen. And he asked “Sakit tak?” . Urghh … I was retaliating for the man. Of course he is in pain! (Tapi, dalam hati je la .. haha). The man can only signal his ‘yes’ or ‘no’ through gestures because he couldn’t speak. He couldn’t close his mouth. The doctor said that his mouth and throat were infected. I took the courage to ask the doctor why he pressed the patient’s tongue. He justified that, it is a must for the doctor to know which spot is actually in pain. I couldn’t look at the patient any longer. The three of us decided not to become a doctor there and then. And now Dee is a legal exec for DiGi and Olie is an engineer. And me, even though I did score my biology paper, no, I don't have the guts to pursue my studies in medical field because I know I can’t stand looking at swelling skin, bruises, wounds, and etc. I thanked God for opening my eyes before I made the wrong decision (wondering what will happen if I did? stopped halfway? hmm ..). And my bestfriend whose SPM results was not a single unit aggregates (too many health issues back then), managed to become a doctor because she is passionate about medical field since she was in secondary school. And, she worked really hard to make it happen. That is what I call determination and I salute her for that. Because of her passion for this career, I strongly believe that she will be a good doctor. Friends , including me..hehe, turned to her whenever we have health-related problems.

There’s also a story of a friend who wants to be a doctor but was made to study engineering by his parents because of the scholarship. Yes, when it comes to financial matter, anything can happen. I understand the parents’ concern because the scholarship really means a lot, a guaranteed all-paid-for engineering course plus an almost ‘guaranteed job’ as well. But, even though scoring a lot of As in SPM, he couldn’t excel because he is not interested. He didn’t flop though, but he is not excellent.

Another friend pursued her studies in engineering for two years before she decided to quit and enroll to another university in animation course. And, yes, she excel in this new course because she loves it. She managed to get part-time job even before graduating because her animation works are superb. And she graduated with a starting salary twice as much as an engineer’s starting salary. Kudos to my housemate JJ.

And here’s a link to my uni-mate who has become a millionaire So, students.. go figure what are your interests and what are you passionate about. When you do something that you’re interested in, you won’t get bored doing it and insyaAllah, you will certainly excel at it.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A new experience in motherhood

After being a mother for five years, I had to face this new experience which was indeed stressful physically and mentally. Neither Syazwan nor Aisyah had been admitted to a ward before. But, after being feverish for three days, Syazwan became lethargic. He was so weak because of dehydration (he was vomitting and defecate watery faeces) . I have no choice but to send him to the nearest ER. The doctor found that he need to be dripped with intravenous fluid to replace the loss of water in his body. When the doctor injected him, he didn't let out a cry or even frowned. Maybe he was too weak to respond to the pain. He was admitted to the ward diagnosed with A.G.E (I found later from the internet that it is acute gastroenteritis).

After a few hours lying there, he became furious. He usually sleeps at 1 pm and wake up at 4 pm. But today, he couldn't. He felt uneasy with the drip and the heat ( it was so hot in that ward). I felt so sorry for not being able to do anything. Eventhough he's covered with insurance to be at a private centre, the nearest one is too far for me to drive alone. So, there I was, accompanying a fussy child in an uncomfortable surroundings. Takde rezeki namanya.
The next day, he stopped vomitting. So, the doctor discontinued his intravenous fluids. As a result, he wanted to drink his milk once again, and water intake has increased tremendously. So, being very confident with his progress, I asked to be discharged from the hospital. He is still weak though, but, I thought if he is more comfortable, he will have speedy recovery. That's why I took him home.
Then, after consulting a paed (luckily, there's one here in Banting), he agreed that Syazwan has progressed miraculously and there's no need to be hospitalized (that's only after two bottles of intravenous fluids). But, I still have to ensure that he took plenty of fluids because he still have watery diarrhea. And, I am so thankful to Allah for that. There are children younger than Syazwan who have spent almost two weeks in the ward because of AGE. I'm so thankful that it didn't happen to my Syazwan. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Teacher's Domain

I just found this website and feels like sharing it with my fellow friends... (sharing is caring, rite?). This website, , is very useful and helpful for us teachers. There are a lot of teaching aids/BBM especially in Science and Maths. But, to download the videos or flash files, you need to register first. And, the registration is free. So, folks ...come and join this community. I've just downloaded a video which is very informative and interesting on Physics' Force and Motion topic. And, trust me. I've searched and googled elsewhere, and that kind of video is hardly available even on YouTube. So... go figure!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is a long due post on my Jakarta trip. In overall, Jakarta is a shopping heaven for me. Went to Tanah Abang Blok A twice, and Mangga Dua ITC once. We can only visit one place a day because the kids 'udah capek'. While the mommies were on a shopping spree (me and mak itam), the kids were bored to death. I was lucky that I manage to distract Aisyah with Nintendo DS. But, Syazwan? Hmmm... the only thing that will keep him quiet are 'sweets'! Habis rosak gigi dia dek penangan mentos.
Some of the things that we hunt in Tanah Abang were telekungs, lace (very cheap.. you can even get 40k rupiah per meter ..and that's rm12), embroidered cloth for baju kurung/kebaya and japanese cotton. Blok A of Tanah Abang consists of 13 floors and we only manage to cover only 2 floors in two days, that is B1 and B2. TA really turned me crazy. It is one of the biggest pusat grosir in Jakarta. Grosir means wholesale. So, they'll give you grosir price if you buy in bulk. Most of them put a minimum of three purchase to give you a wholesale price.

If it wasn't because I'm running out of cash, maybe I would stay there longer regardless of how tired I was. Things are very cheap.. one of the reason is because their Rupiah is getting weaker against RM. I was thinking of a business opportunity when I was in Jakarta (seeing how cheap the cloth are), but, since my weight limit for AA flight is only 45kgs, the idea was put on hold.
But, when I re-read about Jakarta, Blok A, is still considered pricey than Blok F. Oh?? Where's Blok F? Behind Blok A. There's also Metro Tanah Abang. Oh my! I couldn't even cover Blok A after being there for two, how am I going to cover Blok F and Metro? And Pasar Tasik in Blok F? Does it mean that I have to go there again? Haha ... I loiiikee!!

Then, on the third day, we went to Mangga Dua ITC. Bought two gowns for Aisyah and paid rm50 for them (so, RM25 each). I believe that it is very cheap, cheaper than the ones that we bought in HCMC. Then, found a textile shop in Mangga Dua that made me crazy because the Japanese Cotton that we found there is half the price of Japanese Cotton that I bought in Tanah Abang. Maybe at that time, we were to tired to bargain in Tanah Abang. So, the keyword is..bargain! When you were called "Bunda...belanja bunda" ... try your best to get the best bargain, by asking around first. But, if you're aiming to buy at a certain shop, please request for their namecard. It is very easy to get lost there. the place is huge and crowded, especially in Tanah Abang.

Mangga Dua ITC

Japanese cotton, Katun Paris and batiks

Now, it's time for kids to have fun. I'm done on my part (shopping le..;))

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oh Bandung!

This one week of CNY holiday is a true blessing to me. Alhamdulillah. I was in dire need of a holiday .. and here comes CNY holiday, and the best part is.. I was able to spend it with my husband in Indonesia. ;)

I wasn't able to do a lot of homework about Indonesia because I was bogged down with work. And, because of that, we also ends up with a quite expensive hotel package in Bandung because most of the hotels in Bandung are fully booked. It is a long weekend (2 days plus 1 day for CNY), so, many Jakartans also fled to Bandung untuk berlibur .. lantas, macet banget jadinya Bandung.
Walaupun macet (maksudnya traffic jam) , walaupun ramai org here and there, I still love Bandung, especially the food and the ambience. Actually, if you plan it carefully, you can get a very cheap package plus cheap flights (including those of KLM or MAS with 20kg luggage limit and seat numbers were given. I have to book for Express Boarding most of the time because I'm travelling with my kids. So, there are extra bucks spent there).

Eventho Bandung is so famous for its lots and lots of factory Outlets, we are not so keen to venture into the outlets because of the following reasons:- too many people, nothing much of my size (hihi), we've already stock up on our kids' garments, and things seem pretty much the same. Urgh..enough ramblings. I'm gonna share my Bandung-Jakarta experience, so it might be helpful to some people out there.

Day 1
- Using the tips from Forum Cari and friends, we ride Argo Gede Eksekutif coach fr. Jakarta to Bandung. It costs us only 45k rupiah (RM30) to and fro. Very cheap and you can avoid the macet. Departs from Stasion Gambir at 9.30 am.

- Arrive at 1.00 pm in Bandung. Check-in Papandayan.

- Mkn di Dapur Sangkuriang, located off Jalan Setia Budi. Spent approx. 50 ringgit for sup ikan gurame, ayam masak asam manis, ikan goreng, and sayur campur, Jus alpokat, air kelapa n air buah campur (That is 3 adults and two kids eating!). Very nice ambience with tasty food at a very cheap price. Puas hati banget! None of us has ever been to Bandung, and our only guidance is .. it is located nearby Jalan Setiabudi. And, luckily, the taxi driver manage to find it for us. So, even if this is your first time here, a supir won't be that necessary for the first half day spent in Bandung.

-Walk (yes! walk... even my kids can walk because it is very near) to the nearby Donatello Shoes house, Natural FO and the infamous Rumah Mode FO (pronounced as MO THE). There're too many people in Rumah Mode, and it was raining, so we're stucked there. When we manage to get out of Mode, there was no Taxi and it seems that it might start raining once again. So, we hopped on Angkutan Kota, which looks like a van with bench-like seats (renovated to carry a lot of people, I guess). It costs only 2000 rupiah per pax (so, times 3 adults = 6000 rupiah or rm2).

- Next, we went Grande FO di Jln Dago. There are arrays of FO in Jalan Dago. We end up having dinner at Grande's cafe. And, the old saying is true. Don't judge a book by it's cover. It seems pretty dull with only 2 people sitting there. But it turns out to be bes banget. We had 1 nasi ayam bkr, 1 nasi goreng special, 1 serving of pisang keju (that is only 1 banana), batagor (BAso TAuhu GOReng), 4 glasses of juices, plus tapau 2 nasik goreng n 1 coke - the total is 86k rupiah or lebih kurang m30. Murah tapi sedap wooo. Jus strawberi yg pekat dan sedap dia baru 7k rupiah , which is only rm2.30. Sedap sgt. Batagor nya sedap, and Pisang Keju is very yummy!! The banana is fried with sugar (I guess), and it had a topping of shredded cheese and chocolate. Served hot and it is so delicious! Menyesal giler tak repeat makan dekat situ. I didn't find the same Pisang Keju in Jakarta. :(

Day 2
-Bergerak ke Tangkuban perahu with our supir, Pak Kiki. 8.15 am from Papandayan and arrived at approx. 9.30am. Agak macet. Rate for supir+avanza+gas+parkir for 8 hours is 450k rupiah. (Avanza is actually reserved for 12 hours, so, if you need extra hours for Pak Supir, just pay some additional charges). Mount Tangkuban Perahu has the volcanic craters..and one of them is Kawah Ratu. You can smell the sulphurous steam released from the crater.

Hammocks, anyone?

- Sightseeing and by 10.30, we left Tangkuban Perahu.
- Arrive at kg. Daun for lunch. Very unique eating experience. Mkn bersila sambil menikmati scenery waterfall. Spent rm100 for 5 pax.
- Went to Pasar Baru (I try not to buy anything here because I knew that I will spend more days to visit Tanah Abang in Jakarta, which is suppose to offer more discounted prices), Heritage FO, Terminal Tas (lotsa bags, but I didn't even go in because of time constraint), Kartika Sari (they're famous for Pisang Bolen and Brownies Kukus. I didn't expect such a huge crowd for a bakery. Bought both Bronies Kukus and Pisang Bolen. Enak!!!) and Grande FO. Bought only 1 box of Brownies Kukus and the kids finished them up in Jakarta. I thought I could find Kartika Sari in jakarta... but to no avail. Sedihnyaa.. Hanya di Bandung ma!

- Lastly, we dined at Sierra Cafe . Very nice scenery, overlooking bandung at night (it is located at a hillside, overlooking a valley). Spent rm100 for 5 pax. Food is not as good as those we have tried before. I had Indonesian food - Nasi Ayam Betutu and it is below expectation for a cafe with a very exclusive look. However, it is still considered very cheap as compared to KL. But, Aisyah whom ordered Chicken Steak (Chicken Chop here) is very satisfied. I guess they're good with western food.

Day 3
- Aisyah is feverish because of yesterday's rain. So, papa volunteered to stay with her in our hotel room. Another reason is he is tired of the whole affair. So, the three of us (Mak Itam, Me and Wawan) went to Cihampelas, a road famous for jeans. I didn't find any jeans for me, but i saw cheap cotton bandung tshirts costs only 15k rupiah each. It is much cheaper than pasar baru, bcoz for XL size, Pasar Baru's price is 25k. So, apalagi.. beli la! Then, Mak Itam bought Brownies Kukus Amanda (this is also a famous brand in Bandung), which is very delicious and cheap. I couldn't concentrate on shopping because Syazwan was hooked to Ultraman's gigantic replica. In Cihampelas here .. or Ciwalk .. there are a lot of Cartoon Replicas.

- Then, by 2.30 pm, we hopped on Argo Gede to Jakarta. The view is marvellous. Let the pictures do the talking. Enough said about Bandung. I'll continue some other time on Jakarta.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chaotic January

Life seems pretty chaotic for me these days. 26 periods of a whole new syllabus of everything except for ICTL. And loads of other sidekicks of being a teacher. So, my conclusion is.. no blog, nor embroidery, no bla bla bla .. until I adapt myself to this new challenges of 2009. And .. when will it be? Who knows?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moving On

It's about time that I move all my posts tagged as personal into another blog. When I went back to Kelantan.. it seems that my cousins and my sis did read my blog too. So, I'm assuming that they would expect more from me. But, my mistake is, I have this blog's URL published in the school's website. My bad .. haha. So, it would be inappropriate to discuss personal matters on something declared as official, rite?

Luckily... there's an 'IMPORT BLOG" and 'EXPORT BLOG' option in blogger. So, I am able to maintain all my old posts under a new domain. So, for CAPITT ONLINE ... i will maintain this one as my official blog (and does that means formal?? Erkk!!), and the new blog for my personal ramblings.

So.. what will I write in an official blog? Hmmmm...