Friday, December 08, 2006

Rambut rosak

Just now, Aisyah watched Mawi sang a song on TV. All of a sudden, she came with this statement “Ecah nak pakai baju seksi-seksi, pastuh, pakai rambut rosak, nak nyanyi dengan Mawi” (Gulp! Baju seksi is one thing, but, rambut rosak ??? What is rambut rosak? She put her hand at her back when she describes ‘rambut rosak’. So, I perceive rambut rosak as rambut panjang. But, where the hell did she get that idea? Luckily, none of us at home had ‘rambut rosak’ .

Syazwan on the other hand, is very excited about standing on his own. I am more than excited to see how he tried for a few times to stand on his own, letting go his hands off me. He repeats it for a few times until he is too tired and sleepy. Regardless of falling almost instantly after he let go his hands off me, he would try over and over again. I'm so proud to see his determination. But, at the same time I feel like he grows up so soon...