Sunday, December 04, 2011

Flying with fokker tomorrow... *sigh

It's already 1.47am and I still couldn't sleep. I am a little worried about tomorrow's journey from SZB to KBR. I didn't know firefly fleets are mostly fokker.... hehe. Blame me and my ignorance. So, i'm worrried about flying in a fokker? Yes..and no. I've flown in a Fokker before, and even a Twin Otter when I was on an assignment in Sarawak. It was during an Indoor Acceptance Test at Purnama Limbang, where I think I had one of the most adventurous journey in my life. I was still single back then (I think it was in second year in TMTouch), and I had to go there all by myself, without a technician. Come to think of it... that was quite absurd since most of the time we had any assignments, my colleagues and I would always be accompanied by our technicians cum friends eventhough if it was only a site survey in Klang Valley. Hmmm...

Okay, back to my story, there's no direct flight from KL to Limbang, so, I have to take a flight to Labuan, then, as planned with HIO and ABK (my ex-bosses), I had to do a brief site survey to identify new in-building sites for our coverage expansion plan. I think I manage to survey 2-3 indoor sites before I hopped onto a ferry to Limbang. If I'm not mistaken, I only spent one night in Limbang, then, I had to take a twin otter flight to Miri. At that time... the so-called Limbang Airport looked like a rundown 'kedai kopi', and it has a huge weighing scale where all the passengers including the baggage must be weighed. Being in a twin otter is quite an interesting experience. I remembered the fan, the 'crowdedness' feeling in it (memang sempit), and the livestock carried by the locals on it. was like boarding a bus ... but the bus was flying.

Limbang Old Airport (Before they have a new one in 2004)

Upon arriving in Miri, I met my contractors from west coast who were supposed to survey some sites with me. They were not interested to survey Miri with me because they've already done it prior to my arrival. Me, being a rookie at that time, went out alone to search for 'possible sites', but to no avail. Fikir2 balik... innocent gila masa tuh.. kerja tak hingat dunia..kahkahkah. Suhaimi and Farique managed to laugh at me back then.. and at the same time pitying me. Apekah?

I think I stayed there for one night @ Rehga Royal... then, we went straight to Kuching on a fokker. Having an very much interesting experience on a twin otter before boarding a fokker is a blessing. I have no complaint.

But, tomorrow.... I'm the only adult with 3 kids. Uwaa... hopefully nothing went wrong. Ya Allah..please help me and safeguard our journey. Amin.

Tidolah mata... I need to rest, or else, things will be worse.