Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chaotic January

Life seems pretty chaotic for me these days. 26 periods of a whole new syllabus of everything except for ICTL. And loads of other sidekicks of being a teacher. So, my conclusion is.. no blog, nor embroidery, no bla bla bla .. until I adapt myself to this new challenges of 2009. And .. when will it be? Who knows?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moving On

It's about time that I move all my posts tagged as personal into another blog. When I went back to Kelantan.. it seems that my cousins and my sis did read my blog too. So, I'm assuming that they would expect more from me. But, my mistake is, I have this blog's URL published in the school's website. My bad .. haha. So, it would be inappropriate to discuss personal matters on something declared as official, rite?

Luckily... there's an 'IMPORT BLOG" and 'EXPORT BLOG' option in blogger. So, I am able to maintain all my old posts under a new domain. So, for CAPITT ONLINE ... i will maintain this one as my official blog (and does that means formal?? Erkk!!), and the new blog for my personal ramblings.

So.. what will I write in an official blog? Hmmmm...