Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Sad ...

I'm very sad today for hubby has to go to US despite being feverish. What scares me more was, Achik was admitted to ward because of dengue fever a few day earlier. Tawakkal je lah that nothing worst will happen to hubby. Hopefully dia bukan kena denggi, but demam biasa je sbb penat sangat. He has a four hours flight to Taipei, wait for 1 1/2 hours there before proceeding to a 12 hours flight to LAX. Then, wait for another 1 1/2 hours for his 1 hour flight to San Francisco. Fuuhh... That is sooo exhausting! Siyannya. Aku hanya mampu berdoa..*sigh*

Ecah - Flower Girl Part II

The first time Ecah became the flower girl for a wedding was last year, during Mak Ngah's wedding. And, at that time, she was accompanied by Harish, a.k.a abang susuan dia. So, when Wan Anjang (Pak Anjang Ai's) was about to prepare for her daughter's wedding, that is Mar's, she asked Ecah to be the flower girl too. Ecah nodded almost instantly, grinning from ear to ear. Woohoo.. bab-bab melawa.. anak aku ni memang suka. So, here she is .. in her pink flower girl dress. Mar's wedding was held on 10 August 2008.

Wawan dengan posing 'hantu'nya

Nanti next year - Wawan n Nuha punya turn plak jadik flower girl n boy


This is Ecah the Flowergirl last year

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My new craze - Gardening

I have no idea when did I start to fall in love with gardening. I've been reading a lot about plants lately, especially in Forum Cari' s Home & Gardening. Bes banget. Feels like planting lots and lotsa veggies & fruits. Oh.. and not forgotten, cute flowers. But, I have one weakness that I wish I could throw away once I'm into gardening. Forgetting things. What happen if I forget to water or fertilize my plants? Hmmm... I could risk my plants if i keep forgetting things. I risk my money as well, for I have invest almost 100 bucks yesterday at a nearby nursery. Tak boleh jadi ni... I have to discipline myself!

So, for a start, plants that I've already planted are :
1. Mango (Mempelam epal)
2. Japanese Roses
3. Betik
4. Limau Nipis
5. Limau kasturi (Mak Usu yang buat ni)
6. Semai cili & tomato

Waa.. banyak jugak yer? Hihi... But, most of my time for the last few days (a few hours before going to school), I do some weeding because I want to plant Bunga Bintang. Bunga Bintang ayah dah banyak sebenarnya, tapi, if possible, aku nak dia merebak byk2 lagi.

And, I have bought two "Pokok halau Nyamuk" a.k.a Pokok Jermin, and pokok garuda. I bought Pokok halau Nyamuk because whenever my kids play outside the house, they end up being bitten my mosquitoes. So, I bought two - 1 to be put in front of the house, and another one in our backyard. So far so good. There's no mosquito bites today.