Sunday, July 20, 2008


Lama tak update blog. Bila baca balik posting lama2, I have a note for myself. I have to update sbb this blog reminds me of a lot of things happening in the past. I am really good in forgetting things, so, I really have to get this blog going before I really forget about everything.

- Mom n Auntie got back from Mekah. I have to use 2 days of CRK to go back to kelantan. At the same time kami buat tahlil ke-40 abah. I wish I could do more for Abah. But he is a kind of man who rarely request anything. He only wants people to obey his command.

- Went back to Kelantan during school hols. Tahlil ke-100 abah. Didn't even vote on 08032008 because hubby casts his vote here in Banting, and tickets sume dh abis untuk aku balik anak-beranak. Kalau Arwah masih ada time ni, sure dia letih sangat sbb dia mmg tak boleh duduk diam masa pilihanraya.

- Satu keluarga Banting pergi ke Hutan Lipur Kanching. It was Tok Tan's idea.

- Kuantan Trip : For Majlis Pertunangan Ira. The whole family except my beloved hubby went there. It was an interesting trip.. siap pegi Muzium Sg Lembing and Cherating of course!

- We went to Vietnam, including Tok Tan, Andong and Wan Tam. Hubby went there for two months, so we join him since we manage to get cheap tickets from AirAsia. By the way, accommodation is free rite? Found out that Ho Chi Minh City is quite a shopping heaven for us. Things like embroidered and beaded bags are cheap. Same goes to telekong, baju kurung, girls’ dresses, and etc.

- Balik kampong to Kelantan – Kak We’s Kenduri. Dah kawin dah sepupuku tu. Couldn’t stay long though, coz Hubby has to settle a few things before going to Mexico. We didn’t even go to Johor (the groom’s side) because of that.

Wawan n Cik Na (Asyik nak Cik Na jer..pesal haa?)

Silat Pengantin... lawan bang, jgn tak lawan

Congrats to Jarer & Erma
Fuiyo..laki sapa yang mithali tu? :)
- Hubby went to Mexico. He stayed in Malaysia for only two weeks. Itupun, one week is considered gone since we have to rush back to Kelantan for the wedding. I miss him…*sigh*

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ecah & Wan Chu

Wan Chu (a.k.a Hubby's Mak Usu) is wearing a caftan that belongs to Wan Tam (a.k.a Mak Itam). Ecah stared at Wan Chu .. as if she has commit a sin. So, I asked her what is wrong with Wan Chu?

Ecah : Wan Chu tu nak jadik Wan Tam ke?
Me : Nape Ecah cakap macam tu?
Ecah : Yelaa... Wan Chu pakai baju Wan Tam
Wan Chu : Alaa... Wan Chu pun nak jadik macam Ecah, tukar-tukar baju. Takkan nak pakai baju yang sama je. Wan Chu nak jadik macam Ecah, sekejap pakai seluar, pastuh pakai gaun. Haa...macam-macam baju Ecah pakai.

Dengan muka tak puas hati dengan reason Wan Chu, Ecah terus menjawab ...
"Ecah tukar-tukar baju tu... tu baju Ecah sendirik!"

p.s: Hahahaha... terkedu Wan Chu dia lepas tu. Aku pun terkedu gak... Betul gak tu..kot ye pun nak tukar-tukar baju, baju sendiri je lah kan?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Juan & 'injured gum'

Juan ni, as if he knows that I am currently 'active' in updating this blog. There's a story about him everyday. And, as for today.. here he is, with his bleeding gum. He was jumping on the bed and suddenly slipped and knocked his gum to the wooden edge of the bed. And he let out a cry afterwards.. I thought it was not serious, but soon enough with blood covering his teeth, i knew he's injured.

A few minutes later .... he is alive and kicking again..

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Juan & Ikan Longkang

Ok.. to those of you out there who wants to learn how to catch longkang's my "Longkang Fish 101 for Dummies" a.k.a "Beginners Guide to Longkang Fish". First..wait for Wan Chik by the longkang. Show her where's the fish .." Tuuu..tuu... "

Secondly, pick the fish from the net. But you must be very careful. If not, the fish might jump out or die. Then, if Wan Chik insist that it's enough ... reminds her " satu lagi ...satu lagi Wan Chik"

And, as for your sister.. let her mind her own business.

Next, try to carry the pail by yourself. That is... 'try only' .. If you can't, ask your mom or Wan Chik to carry it for you .. "Bawak la kesana .."

And lastly, take a small bowl to put the fish in. The bowl, as compared to the big pail earlier, is wayy better for you to 'manage' your fish. Tok Tan and Andong won't scold you because the bowl is small, and you can reach for the fish easier. To to catch the fish, and if you do, hold it in your hand as long as you want. And lastly, tell your mom this .."Fish dah matila..dia dah mati"

Friday, July 04, 2008

Juan & Onyang's portable toilet seat

Kakak mintak beli buku kat Kinokuniya. And it has stickers inside. At first, Juan only asked for one sticker. Yes.. one sticker in one night. Then, the next day, he asked for another one. Tengok-tengok, he has sticked all the stickers on Onyang's portable toilet seat. Dari dua.. dah jadik makin banyak dah. Hai.. tak tahulahh..

Juan a.k.a Wawan

Wawan is being talkative now, but the only snag is, dia cakap pelat. Lepas tu asyik nak orang dengar cakap dia je pulak tu. Last few days, I didn't have the slightest idea of what he was trying to say. He kept holding his toy jet and was mumbling (plus crying) .. uttering words that I don't understand. Sudahnya... lama la melalak. Dah tu.. cemana? I don't understand dear, if I do, I wouldn't have let you cry.

Then, yesterday , he accidentally let his little finger (jari kelingking) went against me and it came with a 'pop' sound. I was so scared because he cried .. I was afraid that his little finger might has been broken. Tapi, soon enough, he starts to play again as if nothing happens. Hmmm... oklah tu kot? But, when I asked him to spread his fingers (both hands) .. it seems like the gap between the fourth and fifth fingers of the 'injured' side is a little bit wider than the other side. Should I consult nenek urut?