Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Learning through example

As a new teacher, I'm in dire need of examples on how to conduct/carry out my lesson. I have to find ways to make things sounds less complicated for my students. Physics are complicated if u add in too much details... so, I constantly worry about making it sound simple and comprehensible. And, I think now, my prayers have been answered.

At first, my objective in using youtube, teachertube.. is to find any demonstration/simulation/experiment videos (ABM kinda thing la). I never thought back then that I should utilised the search engine for a teaching guide as well. Hmm.. I've wasted 8 months for the right videos. Rugi betul. Takpelah... I'll make do with the old sayings.. better late than never, eh? Btw, this teacher guy here is so cool! ;)