Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Aisyah : Mama… Bukak laa lampu kecik (read: Lampu tidur)
Me : Tak payah laa bukak .. Baby nak tido ni
Aisyah: Alaa.. Bukak laa Mama, Aisyah takut hantu ni.
Me : Ishh. Mana ada hantu
Aisyah : Ada.. Aisyah penah tengok mcm dalam tv tu
Me : Hmmm… Aisyah pandai baca Bismillah tak? Nanti, kalau Aisyah baca Bismillah, hantu dengar nama Allah, hantu takut..
......Aisyah cepat-cepat baca ‘bismillahirrahmanirrahim..amiinn’
Aisyah : Allah babab hantu ke Mama?
Me : Hantu takut dengar nama Allah

Aisyah : Mana Allah nya? Tak nampak pun?
Me : (Dushh...sukar nihh...) Kalau Mama cubit Aisyah, Aisyah sakit tak?
Aisyah : Sakit..
Me : Aisyah nampak tak sakit tu?
Aisyah : Tak nampak pun..
Me: Haa... Ada benda yang kita tak nampak, tapi dia ada. Allah Maha Tinggi, Maha Besar.. tu yang kita tak nampak Dia tu.
Aisyah : oooooooooooooooo

Toilet training

Sunday 20/11/06

I had three rounds of mopping the house today. My Aisyah are very talkative when it comes to discussing about horse, barney, songs, ‘olet’ and any other things that she fancy. But, when it comes to notifying us that she wanted to pee, nothing comes out of her mouth until she wet the floor and wanted to be washed. So, eventually, I had to clean up her mess, three rounds in less than 1 hour ; (. I am soo exhausted, and eventually, I almost lost my temper. Well, I’ve lost my temper. I’ve gone mad and scold her for a few moments until I realised that I shouldnt have scold her. This is her first day without her diapers and I’ve lost my temper after just three rounds of mopping. Its unfair to her. For God’s sake, she was just learning capitt! Looking at the sad face, I apologize to Aisyah, and both of us cried. The difference is, I cried silently while Aisyah cried her lungs out, to show that she protested on how I have treat her. Me, I cry because I realised my mistake and I swear to Allah that I’m not going to repeat that again. Siyan Aisyah..

A Year Ago

Almost a year ago, Aisyah is considered as a very ‘small’ girl. She’s two years old, and as compared to other chubby toddlers and her very own plump mom especially, she appears to be very petite. People always frowned as they see us (the parents) holding Aisyah and gave this question “Is this you daughter?”, as if something is wrong in the picture (read: Parents are ‘big’ while daughter is ‘small’). But, for me, I think it is normal since her birthweight is only 2.45 kg. So, what do you expect? As long as she’s healthy and active, I’m more than thankful.But, after she got her kid brother Syazwan, her size increases rapidly and eventually most of her clothes ends up being too tight or too short for her. Bila balik Kelantan, everyone was like “Besarnya Aisyah, dulu kecik jer”. I think, when she got her baby brother, she spends a lot more time to drink her milk from the bottle whereas, before that she was being breastfed and didn’t really want to drink formula. So, I think she ends up drinking a lot of milk, much more than she required and therefore she turns out to be 'big'. Logik ker? Well, I dont know the exact reason how her size increases rapidly, but, to you people out there who are worried about your kids' size, think again. If they are active and healthy, dont worry, she'll grow up soon. If she is petite while you and ur partner are big, maybe she was meant to inherit that smaller frame from other relatives. So, dont worry. Be happy.

Friday, November 17, 2006

His Tudung

Comeyy tak I ni? Ini kes kena paksa pakai tudung ni. Harap-harap jangan laa terkenan plak, kan syazwan kan? Dah besar nanti kena jadik macho2 tau.. tak leh dah pakai2 tudung ni.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rindu Papa Tak?

Sapa kata we can’t get along with each other? Look.. we are the best buddies on earth. And this pic is especially dedicated to our dearly missed Papa who is thousands of kilometres away from us. “Ecah rindu Papa, Mama rindu Papa tak?” “Mestilah rinduuuu.. ;-)”

Her Hair

Notice any difference about my hair? Concentrate people! I’m not asking you to notice any difference on the accessories at my hair, but the HAIR itself. No difference, kan? Hihihi… mama kena cari petua orang-orang tua ni, so that my hair will be thicker.

His Teeth

Papa! You’ve missed this. I had four teeth already. Cute tak? I hope that my teeth will be as big as yours. This is sooo fast because when you left for Australia, my first two teeth at the bottom was still hardly visible. And, within one month, another two “bigger” teeth pops out.
Editors note: Sebab tu la Mama asyik kena gigit je sekarang ni, sbb gigi Syazwan dah banyak. Kalau nak gurau jer, dia terus buat-buat nak gigit orang. Sebab dia tau orang menjerit kalau dia gigit. Pastuh dia plak yang gelak lebih-lebih. Nasib baik kakak belum kena gigit. If not, I’m sure kakak akan ‘babab’ dia.

Hello Papa

“Hello Papa!”
“Nanti Papa belikan olet (chocolate)..pastuh beli mcm Bawang Putih Bawang Merah (baju pari-pari)”
“Beli satu untuk Ecah, satu untuk Mama, satu untuk Baby”
“Okeh.. baiii..”

Pastuh, si Ecah ni, dia masuk bilik and cakap kat Nanny dia.. “Nanny tak payah..Papa beli untuk Ecah je, pastuh ni, Mama, pastuh ni, Baby. Tu je”

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yay! Exam dah abis

Yesssss... It's over. Eventho i didnt know whether I have did well enough or not, but still, I feel very contented. This is the end of my almost 1 year strive to be a teacher. My sleepless night should be over right now. So, last night, i fall asleep since 9.00 pm and woke up at almost 7. Supposedly, I had enough rest already, but still I feel so sleepy. Mana taknya, three consecutive sleepless nights. And those sleeping hours that I have sacrificed are not utilised for studying, but taking care of my fussy kids. I dont know what is wrong with them last few nights, maybe, when I sneak out of the bed to study, they can feel that I'm not there with them. So, they take turns to cry. Syazwan is even worst. Not only did he cry, but he also joins me to stay up (read: he plays and I have to look after him, not looking at the notes). So, I didnt expect much from the exams. Tak score pun tak apa, as long as I passed.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Exam?? Apa tu?

Woohoo.. This is my 5th entry today!
Saja nak lepas tension, tak larat sehh nak study. Otak dh berkarat tahap maksimum dah nih. Dah tua-tua pun kena amik exam. Mana laa larat nak study sambil jaga 2 anak. Tula, dah elok2 keje engineer nk dekat 6 tahun dah, sibuk nak jadik cikgu plak. Tapi, demi suamiku dan anak-anakku yang terchenta, ku gagahkan jua.

So far, I think that my decision to quit my job and join KPLI is not regrettable. Tapi, tak tahulah bila start posting nanti. Takut jugak since the senior teachers that I met has been asking me questions like "Nape berenti keje dik? Kalau akak jadi adik, I wont quit my job". Biar betul... Takut betul masa tu. Bukan takut apa, takut menyesal jer. Tapi, nasib baik laa salah sorang guru pembimbing tu adalah cikgu KPLI yang quit her 7-years job. And, her advise to me is, kerja ni..kat mana-mana pun banyak kerja. Pressure kerja, kat mana-mana kerja pun ada pressure nya. So far, dia tak rasa pressure kerja cikgu lebih dari pressure kerja swasta tu. Yang penting, buat keje seikhlasnya untuk dapat rezeki yang berkat. Memanglaa ramai orang perceive that keje cikgu ni senang, sebab half day. Tapi, sebenarnya, banyak keje cikgu yang orang tak nampak. Bukan setakat mengajar jer.. banyak clerical works. Tapi, insyaAllah, bila tengok kejayaan anak-anak murid, rasa satisfied gile. Pastuh, pengalaman does play a very important role. Whereas, as an engineer, I dont see myself climbing the management tree within 5 years. Nak stay as an engineer yang kena turun site for the next 5 years, rasa mcm tak best jer. Lagipun, as a women/mother, I have a lot of constraint which enables my male competitors to be way ahead of me. Tak pegi commission site tengah-tengah malam, susah nak outstation (anak breastfeed), masa mengandung tak boleh panjat rooftop (eventho, I did panjat rooftop masa mengandungkan Syazwan), and etc.

Eh..melalut la pulak. Entah dapat ke tak jadik cikgu tah.. tak abis study pun lagi ni. Karang kalau kantoi exam karang.. naya jer. Jadik surirumah sepenuh masa plak.


Masa on the way balik rumah Andung, Aisyah nampak full moon kat atas. Pastu, the conversation below takes place.

Aisyah : Mama, moon ni nak ikut Aisyah jalan-jalan ye?
Me : Ye laa kot? Tapi, macam mana dia jalan?
Aisyah : Dia tak jalan, dia takde kaki pun.
Me : Abis tu, macam mana dia boleh ikut Aisyah?
Aisyah : Dia ada badan jer.. badan dia bulat-bulat macam tu haa (sambil tunjuk kat bulan)
Me : Kalau dia tak jalan, macam mana dia ikut Aisyah? Dia fly mcm bird ke?
Aisyah : Taklah .. badan dia bulat je. Dia nak ikut Aisyah balik umah Andung.

..Tetiba, bulan tu tak kelihatan sbb terlindung dek awan ...

Aisyah : Mama, Moon tu dah balik umah dia
Me : Mana umah dia?
Aisyah : Tu.. (sambil tunjuk kat awan)

Cerita sambil gentel pusat

Aisyah : Mama.. jangan la marah Aisyah
Me : Nape plak?
Aisyah : Nanti kalau Mama marah Aisyah, nanti kawan Aisyah ramai-ramai maghi rumah, marah Mama.
Me: Alaa, Mama tak heran.. nanti Mama marah la kawan Aisyah balik..
Aisyah: Tak boleh cam tu, tak baik..
Me: Abis tu, kawan Aisyah marah Mama, baik ke?

Aisyah : mmmmmm
Me : Mana boleh, tak baik tau ..
Aisyah : Alaa.. tak baik laa cakap camtu
Me : Huh?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Future Ustaz

No specific entry actually, but, i just want to share this cute pic of Syazwan. At first, I want to put a title of "Future YB", but, thinking of the recent controversy of a Selangor YB recently, I change my title. He's very cute, ain't he?

Secret Under Table Meeting

It is not easy to candid these two kids because as soon as they saw me with the camera, they'll start moving towards me. As for Aisyah, right after I shoot her, she will automatically ask me to show her the display of her photo. Perasan lawa anak aku yang sorang ni. Then, she would giggle to see her face in the display. Syazwan pulak, wanted to explore the gadget, that's all. He is so much into gadgets, sampaikan, when he went to see a Paed a few months back, he chose to play with the stethoscope instead of a nice bright-colored soft toy. That explains why my handphone need to be repaired recently, "handphone masuk air". The chinese guy who repaired my handphone asks me wether its true that my handphone masuk air. I have to say yes, but, the 'air' I'm talking about here is no ordinary 'air', but, 'air liur' (saliva) Syazwan bucuk. Sampai boleh berkarat panel dalam hp tu. Ganas betul.

So, because of the above reasons, you can see in the pics above that they start to move towards me after they notice the camera. And that was all that I manage to shoot on their 'secret under table meeting', before they attack me and seize the camera from me. Aiyaa..tolonnn...