Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 updates

Mak aih..bersawangnya. Rumah sapa ni..haha. Yup, it's been a year since I last update. I know that there's no reader to this blog. except that I want to keep this blog going as long as possible so that my kids will be able to read it in future. (If they don't, then, I'll be the one who read it..Reminiscing the past..hehe).

Ok, to recap what is going on in my life throughout 2012.
1. January - Doctor Siti confirmed that I'm pregnant! huhu... I was kinda shocked because we're planning for our umrah this year. On top of that, Dr Siti and Ustazah Ummi discouraged me from going to Mecca, saying that there's a possibility for miscarriage. I was disheartened by their advice, but at the same time, happy that I'm expecting. :)

2. March - My brother's wedding.And there's a new update to my umrah plan. I went to Klinik Mesra Jenjarom for vaccine shot and was told by Dr Rosdi that it's safe for me to travel to Makkah during my second trimester. He gave me a few reasons to support his belief. One, he had known some people who went there while expecting and nothing happened to them. Secondly, there's no 'air pocket' during the 7-hours flight to Saudi Arabia. So, it should be safe from miscarriage (wallahua'lam). And thirdly, performing umrah is not as extensive as performing hajj. so, expecting mothers who went for umrah should know their limits and refrain themselves from overdoing things. (note : at this point, I was relieved. But, I was still doubtful). On another note, Syazwan had to to be circumsized because he's going for umrah too.He was so fussy and didn't allow anyone to touch his 'angry bird' for almost two weeks after the surgery. Therefore, we (MDH and I) made a mental note that we should circumcised our son (if the one I was carrying is a boy) when he is still an infant. Make things a lot easier I guess.

3. May -Three weeks before our scheduled flight for umrah, I was still doubtful (Astaghfirullah a'zim) because I was 5-months pregnant and my little Nadya is just 20-months old (pls be reminded that I had to carry my 'heavy' body, carrying a baby inside my tummy and carrying a toddler on the outside as well). But all my doubts disappeared into thin air as soon as I heard Prof Muhaya's recorded IKIM slot on youtube. In her slot .. one caller was asking her on whether he should bring his mother for umrah or not since his wife is pregnant (5 months to be exact!). He was scared to leave his wife alone but at the same time he wanted to fulfill his mother's wish. Subhanallah ... thanks to the caller. Prof Muhaya's reply was .."satu fakta yg pernah sy baca, orang yang sedang mengandung 5 bulan berada dalam tahap kesihatan yang paling baik sepanjang hidupnya .."(lebih kurang macam tu lah). Upon hearing that, I gasped. I keep on saying Subhanallah and Astaghfirullah .. Subhanallah because Allah had chosen the BEST time for me to perform my first umrah - being at the healthiest stage of life, and not having any menses throughout the two-weeks duration. Subhanallah. And at the same time, Astaghfirullah.. for being doubtful. "Ampunkan dosa hamba-Mu ini ya Allah".
So, we went there, 7 of us .. my little nucleous family, FIL and MIL. And Alhamdulillah... everything went smoothly. I'm lost for words to explain how great the experience is....... Alhamdulillah.

Kakak & Abang dan tertido lps tawaf. Adik pulak ilang tudung dah

Ladang kurma di Madinah
4. September - Celebrated the birthdays of three of us (Mama - 17/9, Aisyah - 04/9 and Nadya - 05/9) on 15 Sept 2012. Four days later... we are gifted with our new bundle of joy.. Muhammad Shakir Azhad @Pusat Perubatan Islam Azzahra, 2.7kg, c-sect. "Semoga anak ini menjadi seorang yang bersyukur dan zuhud. Amin"

So, that is the updates thus far. Will be updating on my BF journey for Muhammad Shakir Azhad soon. InsyaAllah.

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