Thursday, December 20, 2018

Memories .... and I'm stuck to it

Have you ever feel stuck with your own memories? You know that you remembered it, but somehow, some parts of the memories are missing? And, you can't help it but trace everything back so that you will be able to remember every bits of it? Haha, I happen to experience that tonight.

I wanted to survey on the property that I wish to buy using Google's streetview. But then, Wawan came and interrupted my session, saying that he wanted to see Paris' street view. So, there goes my half an hour, watching views around Eiffel Tower with him and Shakir. Then, I thought of showing him Japan, places that he visited when he was just 1.5 yo. But, I got stuck.

"I'm sure it's Shibakoen, Minato does ring a bell, and Hamamatsucho station for JR Line used to be our main transportation hub. But, I couldn't remember the name of our apartment".

I traced our steps from the station, and I remember walking to the nearest 7E using a pedestrian bridge. I managed to trace all the routes that I mention earlier, and even the ground floor of Premier Stage II Shibakoen seems familiar, but the name doesn't. I spent almost 1 hour retracing, and even googled for the images of the rooms, to make sure that I really stayed there some 11 years ago.

Then, thank God I found the word B-Site Shibakoen as I googled for the images. You know what, it was known as B-Site Shibakoen until 2010, which was then changed to Premier Stage II. Aiyo...

Haih... I have a lot of things to do, yet, I've been doing nonsense. Perhaps, I'm actually missing those days. Those beautiful 2 weeks spent in Japan
Disneyland sampai lembik

Three Hundred Years Pine Tree @ Hamarikyu

Shibarikyu .. notice baju ecah sama? Haha..zaman tu mmg taram je

Dengan Uncle and Auntie yang sgt baik di Yokohama


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